Vaping CBD Oil with Wax Atomizer


This morning we decided to do some science and stuff. So we busted out the Seego Vhit B. This device is typically marketed for wax concentrate. But we’ve also had many of our customers who have successfully used it for thick oils. So today we grabbed some some oil that is made by and put a small drop of it into the bowl/coil of the Type B. We then mated it with our Ghit Variable Voltage Battery.


This oil is pretty thick, not as thick as honey, but close enough. Try


I put a little dab of it in the bowl. Hit the battery power and bam! Vapor! I recommend using the bowl cover to prevent splatter from hitting the glass. Trust me I learned the hard way and now I’ve got a messy glass piece.


Anyhow, the Type B did a great job in vaporizing the thick oil. One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to overfill it. Just do a small drop and test it. After I had the bowl filled, I turned on the battery while taking a draw and to my surprise, vapor production was incredible. One thing I liked about the oil is that by itself its pretty tasty. You can just put a drop of it on your finger tip and eat it! But CBD vaping is just as good!

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