Vaping Tips for Beginners

Vaping Tips for Beginners

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I remember when I first started vaping a couple of years ago, how lost and confused I was when it came to chaining the coil and storing vape juices properly. I came a long way since then, and articles like this, and the recommendations I got from other vapers were crucial at the beginning. If you’re just starting out on your vaping journey, then some of these tips might come in handy, and save you money, time and troubles. Veppocig also featured a fantastic guide for beginners, where you can read about the basics in more detail.

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Taste is the Alpha and Omega of Vaping

The taste of the vape juice will define your whole vaping experience, so if you’re still wondering in what to invest, e-liquids is the answer. High-quality e-liquids are easy to find (order online) on today’s market, and you have a vast palette of manufacturers and flavours to choose from. I would still recommend you to stick to proven companies because sometimes low-quality vape juices can have impurities in them, and those will make you sick.

A first-rate e-liquid is made with uncontaminated, medical-grade nicotine and food-grade ingredients, which are already approved and tested. You don’t want to play around with something you have to inhale, so stay away from cheap e-liquids you can purchase online from a weird-looking site with no recommendations. Do your due diligence before you order!

Make your taste buds happy!

There are so many flavours you can choose from, like tobacco, food, drinks, dessert flavours, candy, savoury and that’s not even half of it. Once you feel more comfortable, you can try and mix flavours that you think will give you a unique and authentic taste. The combinations are endless. For example, I love mixing the Havana cream with the Cuban tobacco.

Do You like the “Throat Hit” Sensation?

The “throat hit” is a rather personal preference, but it’s worth mentioning because you’ll have to determine your nicotine level and PG/VG ratios right at the beginning. Not all vape juices contain nicotine, and almost all of the flavours we mentioned above come in both variants. However, if you prefer to be nicotine-free, then you’ll have to choose a high VG e-liquid. They are more natural and smoother for inhaling, and if you want to do vape tricks, the smoke is a lot denser with a high VG vape juice.

On the other hand, if you’re an ex-smoker and you’re vaping because this is the healthier option (and tastier option), then you might like the “throat hit.” In that case, you can choose a high PG e-liquid because it provides you with the “throat hit” sensation, and it’s the closest thing to a tobacco cigarette. Moreover, the taste of the flavour is also purer than in the high VG vape juice.


Change your Coils Often

One of the first things I learned when I started vaping was how to change the coil in the vape pen, and later I found out that I should do that every second week. The other important tip regarding coils is to prime the wicks with e-liquid to avoid dry hits. Why is this so important, especially for beginners? Because a bad coil will change your vaping experience entirely, and you’ll end up with a burnt taste in your mouth!

Clean the E-Tank

At least before you start using a new e-liquid flavour, it’s recommended you clean the E-tank. Correspondingly, you’ll have to clean the tank if you can notice any residue or build-up between the coil and the tank, which can lead to a bad taste and leakage. It’s straightforward, just disassemble the vape pen and rinse the parts (tank, mouthpiece, and atomiser) with hot water and let them dry out!

These are some of the most important tips to get you started!

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